Many people in the world whose life is filled with troubles. Surprisingly, even with that this time people do not. Such a person 26 years of living in England Buxton are Oliver Pugh. Oliver himself the father of two of the world’s most unlucky man treats. Oliver himself admits Anlkist why …
At age 26, many such incidents in the life of Oliver, who shook them. Oliver said in 2012 revealed that I have cancer. Then the first time I had a heart attack. The two reasons I got Paralaij. However, Joe was with me and my best friend. I used to support my wife. Oliver said that one day my wife to meet his sister and then he went back to the shed did not return. I had my iPhone app started finding his best man. Then I found out that none of his best man, but Joe is my friend. So, I called my children to stay away from both.
But the miracle
Oliver said Paralaij because I could not walk. Doctors said if I take all the cancer tumors removed by surgery also ends the possibility of re-operation. But I had surgery again on January 20. This time the miracle happened. The next day I woke up out of bed and dressing himself was doing. I could go on, but that is difficult to forget the bad times. Oliver now want to learn Kung Fu. Please tell two children ages 4 years and 2 years of Oliver’s. However, now he himself has been run and get a new partner.