As businesses get smart, the demand for all-in-one devices having high-speed, duplexing features is on the rise. Keeping this in mind, Panasonic announced the launch of its multi-functional printer (MFP) MB500 series.

The MB500 series is the latest product in Panasonic’s burgeoning portfolio of products aimed at creating solutions in the enterprise space.  Through MB500 series, Panasonic aims to makes its presence felt in the A3 Printing segment.

The MB500 line of multi-functional printer (MFP) comes with a whole host of features which, apart from including printing size up to A3, also comes with copy size up to Legal and Scan, Fax, RADF and Wi-Fi are all seamlessly geared towards Enterprise, SME’s, Government, Corporate and Rentals.

Considering the diverse range of features, the MFP’s comes at a relative affordable cost with a starting price at Rs 46,000.

The MB500 series will comprise of two unique models– MB536 and MB545. While the MB545 has duplex speed of 45 page per min Print/Copy, the MB536 has duplex speed of 36 page per min Print/Copy, with either supporting a first-Print-out time of approximately five seconds.

Not just big on performance, the compact, sleek design makes sure that no office needs to contemplate compromising on space or quality. The machines have a monthly duty cycle of up to 150,000 pages and the lifespan of their toner cartridge lasts up to 25,000 pages to go with an amazingly low CPC.

The MB500’s practical and user-friendly features is all set to make office workflows as simple and problem free as possible.

The Quick ID Card Copy is a simple productivity feature – easily managed up to 8-in-1 format – which will dramatically simplify and streamline tasks such as copying insurance cards, driver’s licenses, or even cheques, saving money by maximizing paper usage and time.

QUICK JOB Keys saves time for frequently used functions while the secure print and secure scan function helps in the safekeeping of confidential documents.

A Counter Info notice by email feature will not only add to the specifics but also be of great assistance to rental partners. All models are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux with the more advanced MB545 models having 1GB Memory and touch screen panel.