According to the UNICEF report, child marriage in Bangladesh is much worse. Around 65 per cent of girls marry before the adult age is increased to 18 years. Sometimes girls ages with men twice their age are given in marriage. See how the 15-year-old girl was married …
Recently a website of Bangladesh Nasoin Akhtar’s wedding photos of 15 year old girl is released. Nasoin just was reading in class six, when he was married. The website photos of the girl’s marriage to the ‘Honting picture saying’ put. Her husband is almost double her age.
However, Bangladesh is the only country where a large number of young girls are forcibly married. Early marriage for girls in the list of countries Niger, Central African Republic and Chad, are ahead of Bangladesh. Bangladesh marriage of girls under 18 years of age in the case of the fourth. Nearly 29 per cent of girls are married before the age of 15 years is given.
Wedding photographer to capture Nasoin wrote that hundreds of her marriage in her wedding guest were invited, people were dancing happily. Nasoin photographer to take a photo of the wedding was sad.