Shanzay Hayat is a Pakistani beauty pageant title holder from Islamabad, Pakistan and was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2013 on the 30th of August 2013
in Toronto, Canada. Hayat was known to surpass all the titleholders of Miss Pakistan World in the past 12 years with her focused dedication in representing
Pakistan in international pageants. Hayat was the first Pakistani beauty queen to take Pakistan to the top 15 round and win subtitles for Pakistan.
Shanzay Hayat was born in Islamabad, Pakistan on December 1, 1989 in a Muslim family. Hayat belongs to Waziristan, Pakistan but was born in
Islamabad, Pakistan. Hayat is an only child. She was born in Islamabad and spent her early childhood there. She has been educated in Dubai, Saudi
Arabia, Northern Ireland & the USA. Currently she resides in NYC and speaks multiple languages including English, 2 dialects in Pashto, Punjabi & Urdu.
She has lived all around the world and finally settled in New York City, USA as her residence.

Miss Pakistan World 2013
Shanzay Hayat was the first girl who won four titles in the Miss Pakistan World pageant.She was the recipient of Miss Perfect Ten 2013, Miss Talent 2013,
Miss Popularity 2013 and the main title of Miss Pakistan World 2013. She was the first ever beauty queen in the history of Miss Pakistan World pageants to
receive 4 titles in the same pageant.