Pakistan has requested the United Nations to interfere and prevent its neighbour India from showing the disputed Kashmir region as a part of it in maps through a law that is expected to be discussed in the Indian parliament later in the current year.

According to a statement issued by Pakistan s Foreign Ministry, showing Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India in maps is factually incorrect and legally untenable as the area is disputed between both neighbours.

However, India argues that the matter is an internal one and Pakistan or any other party has no right to interfere. Once the bill gets passed, anyone found violating the map will be fined a billion (Indian) rupees along with imprisonment up-to seven years.

The proposed bill also bans “wrong” information, including disputed international borders.

The government said the rules would not create barriers to business if the bill became law.

The bill bans all types of geospatial information, maps, raw data or photographs, acquired by any means, including satellite photography.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars over the Kashmir issue. Both neighbours have expressed their feelings of dissatisfaction with other countries and media organisations for not showing their version of their countries maps at various instances.