Instagram vloggers are coming up with new nail trends by the day. From oil-slick nails to lunar eclipse nails — there is something new daily. The latest is a trend that has people painting and decorate under the nails, too, rather than just over the nails. If you are keen to try this out, here’s how to go about it…

  • To play with designs under your nails, apply a coat of white paint and draw patterns of your choice. This might seem like a tedious process, but be patient.
  • Use colourful stones to decorate under the nails, too. Take some and stick it under your nails, but remember not to overcrowd.
  • Do the double game by painting two different colours for your nails — one on the top and a different one under the nails. Be careful not to spill over to the other side while painting the nails.
  • Take a large amount of glitter and place them under your nails. Use a base coat to start and fill it with glitter before it dries. Use a top coat for the finishing look.