One of the BJP’s newly elected lawmakers in Assam, Angurlata Deka, has been besieged on social media with sexist comments.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has been hit by a blast of condemnation after he tweeted a picture of the lawmaker along with a derogatory comment about “acche din”.

In the outrage that followed, #SaySorryRGV became a widely-used hashtag.

“When u cant respect women then how can v respect u. #SaySorryRGV” tweeted Anirudh Jain.

“Mr RGV learn to give respect to women,” wrote Prasenjit C Sarkar.

The comments kept coming even after Mr Varma’s – sort of – clarification.
Ms Deka, a popular Assamese actor, won from the Batadroba constituency against a Congress veteran, Gautam Bora, in the polls this month. She has worked in several Bengali and Assamese films and once portrayed Benazir Bhutto in Assamese Mobile Theatre.

The young actor joined the BJP last year. She was one of the six women fielded by the party in Assam and one of the two who won.

In the past few days, images from her acting and modelling roles have been circulated online along with captions ranging from vulgar to vicious.

Many have now come out in her support on twitter and condemned what they describe as the worst kind of objectification.