The Orlando nightclub attacked in June has been returned from investigators to its owner one month after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Pulse nightclub, still ravaged from shooter Omar Mateen’s bullets the morning of June 12, was given over to its owner Barbara Poma on Wednesday.

“This is a bittersweet day. None of us will ever understand why this unspeakable event happened at Pulse, which was always intended to be a safe place for the LGBT community,” she said in a statement.

“Our hearts are broken, our Pulse is strong,” the club posted on its Instagram account.

Poma said she is uncertain about next moves for the night club, where Mateen opened fire with an assault-style rifle during the venue’s “Latin Night.”

The owner, who opened the club in honor of her brother who died of AIDS, had said in the immediate aftermath of the attack that Pulse would reopen.

It has continued holding events in the Orlando area, including benefits for the club’s recovery.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina, who visited the scene for the first time Tuesday evening, told WESH that he would “feel weird” having a good time in the building where a mass shooting occurred and would hope to rebuild the club into a new Pulse.

A makeshift memorial has been set up on the fence outside the venue, with many suspecting that the temporary place of remembrance could be replaced with something permanent.

Though the building is no longer under police control, the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement are still investigating the shooting.