Uganda is an International photographer has captured the life of drug addicts. Italian photographer Michele Sibiloni spend time in East Africa in Kampala, capital of Uganda during the night life of the people observed. He showed photos of how the people of Uganda are the victims of drug abuse. Life is incomplete without drug treats …
Michelle says that they met such people in Uganda Life without Drugs considered incomplete. It gets drugs at low cost. Cannabis and opium are bought and sold openly in the streets. Easily and cheaply available because of Uganda’s poorest people have access to the drugs.
John goes to youth
There are also drug trafficking. The city’s international airport several times, police have caught people with drugs, but such action is not enough. In December 2012, a young Ugandan Parliament member in the drug overdose death of Cerinah Nebandah was due. Cannabis is cultivated throughout Uganda. According to reports, the Investigative Unit of the drugs do not work right, so the drug business is growing.