Ontario Provincial Police say they have arrested and charged 11 men, between the ages of 44 and 87, after breaking up a live cockfight in North Stormont. Police responded to a property on Tolmies Corners Road around 10:00 a.m. saturday, where they discovered and dismantled live cockfighting activities, seizing several roosters and equipment.

82-year-old Gerald Tessier, of South Stormont, is charged with keeping a cockpit, cruelty to animals and causing injury to birds.

61-year-old Ronald Bell, and 55-year-old Norman Redick of Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario; 44-year-old Philip Pateneaude and 56-year-old Gerard Delorme, of North Stormont Township, Ontario; 62-year-old Richard Patenaude and 69-year-old Eric Thompson, of North Dundas Township, Ontario; 55-year-old Hector Racuya and 57-year-old Arturo Sumayo of Montreal, Quebec; 69-year-old Richard McCormick of York, Ontario; and 87-year-old Thomas Carter of London, Ontario are each charged with cruelty to animals and causing injury to birds.