One-year -old Yogita who was found abandoned at Yamuna Nagar in May last year will now be brought up by a USA couple.
A local court gave her legal custody to Jason Michael Rees (32) and her wife Jennifer Nicole Sherdon (30), residents of Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA after the couple expressed the desire to adopt an Indian Child.
Haryana state council for child welfare, Bal Vikas Bhawan, Sector 16-D had sought permission from the court to grant the legal custody of Yogita to the duo.
The couple got married on December 19, 2011 but no child was born out of the said wedlock.
They claimed of always desiring an Indian child and thus decided to adopt one from India.
The couple approached the America World Adoption Association, USA, which is duly recognised by Indian government for placement of a child.
The said agency forwarded the application to Haryana State Council for Child Welfare, for adoption and their appointment as natural guardian/ parent.
Yogita was found abandoned at Yamuna Nagar. A First Information Report (FIR) was duly registered at Buria police station of Yamuna Nagar in Haryana on May 19, 2015. he child was medically examined and her date of birth was assessed to be May 15, 2015.
Police made failed efforts to trace out the parentage of the child. The said child was in the custody of Shishu Greh, Sector 15, Panchkula.
The child was later taken care by Haryana State Council for Child Welfare.
The council later forwarded the case to the Central Adoption Resource Agency “CARA”, a body constituted under the ministry of women and child development, government of India for giving requisite clearance.
CARA gave no objection certificate to the council for giving custody of Yogita to the US couple.
Submitting the plea in the court, the council said, “The couple is financially well off. They are capable of affording the necessary expenses for upbringing and providing good education to the minor baby. Future of the said child will be bright in case they are allowed to be appointed as natural guardian/parent and take Yogita to USA. The couple undertakes to shower all their love and affection on her.”