For the past few days we have been seeing intimate and personal e-mails that Kangana Ranaut seemed to have sent to her alleged ‘ex’ Hrithik Roshan. The e-mail almost certainly established the fact that this was a one-sided affair, much like Hrithik Roshan and his lawyers claimed.
However a recently leaked pic of Hrithik and Kangana that is doing the rounds on social media. The pic shows Hrithik hugging Kangana in a very suggestive way. But, don’t miss the fact that the photo is cropped! Wondering who else was in the picture? We too…
The pic was clicked in 2013 at Arjun Rampal’s home during the pre-production bash of Krrish 3.
Apparently, a source close to Kangana released the pic to indicate that the Kangana-Hrithik love story was not a figment of her imagination, as claimed by Hrithik.
But, is there more to this than what meets the eye?