He was Gaurav Arora sometime back. Now he is Gauri Arora. Name is not the only thing he has changed. He is also a woman now! We always thought MTV Splitsvilla contestant Gaurav will be remembered for being vocal about his sexuality. He had caused enough stir on the show when he revealed that he was bisexual.
Looks like there is more to his personality now. His six-packs are gone. He no more has those tough looks. Now it is all about svelte figure and feminity. And all this without a sex-change operation!
According to reports, Gaurav has not got any surgery done. All that he has done is removed his body hair through a laser treatment to attain that female like body. Gaurav aka Gauri has also been posting several pictures on her Instagram page. She is not just flaunting her new-found look, but also pouty lips and cheekbones, all enhanced through some injections and a new hairdo. Gaurav worked as a model before. Now he feels more like a woman. Trust us when we say Gaurav’s transformation into Gauri is a complete stunner, enough to give several women a jealousy shock.
Check out some of the pictures Gauri shared.