A pensioner has finished his epic journey from China after cycling for three years to reach Rio ahead of the Olympic Games this Friday.  Chen Guanming, a mega-fan of the games, rode his rickshaw across much of North and South America before reaching Rio de Janieiro on Sunday.   The retired farmer first cycled from his home in Xuzhou to Beijing for the 2008 games before travelling from the Chinese capital to London to attend the 2012 Olympics. Rio 2016 will be his third Games by bike, reports thePeople’s Daily Online.

The 60-year-old is a self-confessed Olympics fan having attended the Beijing and London games.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chen worked as a volunteer and cycled 800km (497 miles) from his hometown Xuzhou to attend.

When he saw the closing ceremony in Beijing and saw Boris Johnson accepting the Olympic flag, he knew that he had to attend the games in London, reports Digital Spy.

He set out on a two-year-long rickshaw ride through countries such as Thailand and Afghanistan to reach London in a bid to reach the games in time and to spread the Olympic spirit.

When he arrived in the UK, he was spotted by John Beeston, Managing Director of an insurance brokers company.

Using his limited Chinese, Beeston spoke with Chen and discovered his story.

After media reports of his journey, Chen was given a ticket to the opening ceremony in London.

And when the 2012 games came to a close, he decided that he would attend the Rio Olympics.

After a trip home to China, Chen returned to London and travelled onwards to Rio on a journey that took him three years.

He landed in Nova Scotia, Canada, and then travelled across Canada, through the USA and Mexico before travelling through Latin America and the Amazon rainforest to reach Brazil.

A Facebook page was set up allowing people to post their pictures of Chen and track him.

Chen reached Rio on Sunday and has been getting to grips with the city’s party atmosphere and preparing for the opening ceremony on Friday.