The Odisha Government today said there would be no power cuts till June 30 even as the monsoon is delayed as per the forecast of the IMD.

Energy Minister Pranab Prakash Das said this after reviewing the power situation in the state. He said though the state generates 3300 MW to 4,000 MW per day of electricity, its requirement is 4100 MW during the peak hours.

“Around 50 to 60 megawatt is being brought through power banking from Delhi and Punjab”, said the minster adding that the state government’s proper handling of matters have ensured that the reservoirs have enough water for generating hydro-electricity for another 15 days. While in Balimela, the water level is at 30 feet, in Kolab around 3 metre water is in reserve, he said.

The next decision on power cuts will be taken after a review meeting on May 30, the Energy minister said. However, the cyclone Roanu induced rainfall have helped to increase the water level in all the reservoirs, he said.