In a case of extreme insensitivity, a nurse refused to assist a teenage rape survivor in her delivery as she gave birth to a baby boy in an ambulance early Thursday.
The girl was taken to the community health centre (CHC) Shergarh in an ambulance. The auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) at the centre examined her but refused to help after she learnt that the teenager was a rape survivor.
“The ANM examined her and said she was stable but told us to take her to the district hospital in Bareilly when I told her about the case,” said the aunt of the survivor.
The family then took another ambulance from Shergarh to the district hospital (Maharana Pratap district common hospital) on Wednesday.
“The baby was delivered at 2:15 am in the ambulance. The duty nurse cut the umbilical cord when after they reached the hospital,” chief medical superintendent Dr Alka Sharma said.
“The delivery was normal and both the girl and the child are healthy” she added.
The girl and the child will remain at the hospital till Saturday. The future after that is uncertain.
The girl, who is only 14 years old according to her school-leaving certificate, was repeatedly raped by a man in her village on the pretext of marriage. He abandoned her when she conceived.
Since then the girl and her family had campaigned to abort the foetus. They were first declined medical termination of pregnancy by two courts in Bareilly and finally by the Allahabad high court, which on August 22 ordered the CMO to review her case.
Another month passed in the hope of getting a court order and the next 15 days were wasted in the hospital before the medical panel that examined her pregnancy declined permission citing advance pregnancy.