TOKYO: Japan’s first ‘Naked bar’ (where the clothes will be prohibited) next month is going to open in the capital Tokyo. The rules are extremely “brutal” and. Indeed, even before entering the restaurant guests will have weight. If they were found to be obese, they will be kicked out. Indian restaurant with a name only to people 18 and 60 years will enter …
London, the capital city of England and the Australian Open in Melbourne are similar restaurant after restaurant opening in Tokyo of the age limit will be strictly enforced. Its called “The Amrita ‘, which is an Indian name. The only customers of between 18 and 60 years of age will be admitted and deposit before making their clothes provided by the restaurant are made of paper Andergarments wear.
The list of rules on the restaurant’s website says, if your weight to your height compared to the average weight is 15 kg or more, we will ask for restraint in making reservations. The list also wrote that if you were overweight in appearance, your weight may also be weighed. ” Naked restaurant in Japan starting in the rules are quite stringent. The tattoos on the body of obese people said they had not been entered.
Booking amount will not be returned
The website clearly specified that the guests ‘heavier’ will occur, they are going to open a restaurant on July 29 will not be admitted. The amount of the reservation will not be returned. All must pay in advance via online booking page. Just by touching it in the list of rules that do not. Besides, the guests will be tattooed on the body, they will not be admitted.
I would get off the phone and the camera box
Guests who will be admitted, their mobile phone and the camera will turn off in the box on the table. About 80,000 tickets for guests yen (Rs 50 268) would cost, G-string in which they were served by waiters clad stocky male models of food and dance show will also be able to see. Dance show without any guests to dine with at least 8,850 would cost Rs 17,700, which will depend on your choice of food.