Canada refrain from the possession of the land that came to the village, killing Anaaraai. Tomorrow he has to explain to those who occupy the land there was Kbjadharion Jalil handed him death threats, the attack died. The thing he could not tolerate else died. Nakodar Sadar Thana police Nangal blacksmith on the living embodiment of old cases and Suleiman have registered a case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Teja Singh Dhaliwal Anaaraai said Davinder Sacao land in the village was. Teja was his relative avatar place, but now he wanted Cudwana ground. Avatar was leaving the ground rather than threatens. Yesterday he was on the ground that he was bullied so much else Anaaraai Jalil’s condition worsened. Took him to the hospital where he died.