Now fly in sky with ‘taxi drones’

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New York: In the US, has been approved for a trial Drons, which are able to transport humans. According to The Telegraph, The Ehang184 a small personal helicopter, which is capable of carrying only a single passenger. It was first introduced in 2016, which appears like a remote control drone. The two-hour 23-minute flight in charging …
In Las Vegas at the end of this year, the test will begin. Autonomous Flying Vehicle power moves. One – two hours of charging, the C-level with a passenger can fly 23 minutes. It can be a bit too much baggage. According to the company, its weight is 100 kg. Flying at an altitude of over 101 kilometers per hour, it can fly at a speed of up to 10 minutes. Ehang184 to blow up passenger to enter the destination is just your phone app. Then the drone itself is able to navigate the route. In addition it also goes away from blockages.
It can fly to any destination. Upon landing the Propelrs are folded and come within a single parking space, which can be a bit of a car design. Currently, the company now only a sample of the vehicle is prepared. Ehang Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems with this system is to develop and test. The group is sponsored by the Governor of Nevada

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