Edible nail polish, which tastes like chicken, debuts in Hong Kong Nail paint to nail sprays and wash-off nail paints -the nail industry is on a boom. But hold your breath for the newest offering from this ever-growing industry -an edible nail paint! Yes, a fastfood chain has come up with their signature fried chicken-flavoured nail polish, and debuted it in Hong Kong. The polishes come in two shades -a hot and spicy red, and nude with original taste. The glossy nail paints are aimed at appealing to young consumers love for food and fashion.
Both the polishes are made of edible ingredients –spices in starch added with vegetable gum so that they stick to the nails for at least a day. As the polishes have no preservatives, each batch last only for five days, and must be refrigerated throughout. Also, the bottle is meant for single use.
However, the polishes are only for preview as of now, post which there will be a vote in Hong Kong on what flavour should hit the markets.
“This world is getting crazier by the day. I wonder what is next! While the edible polish does sound fun, I think it is simply inelegant and unhealthy to lick your fingers,” said nail expert Neela Bopaiah.
However, edible nail polish has been in the markets earlier in unappetizing flavours such as barley grass, sour carrot and beet root, targeted at young kids who can’t stop biting their nails.