Manipur is the only woman who runs a market. There are about 4,000 shops. These men do not work. It is also known as Asia’s biggest market in women.  It is in Imphal, Manipur. This market is also called Mother’s Market and about 4 thousand old. Thousands of customers come here everyday. Local social and political issues to be negotiated to reach people in the market. When the market began to say it was the king.
The ‘Lalp called Maiti community which had a tradition of men to work in the king’s court was often called. For this reason, the responsibility fell on women. Women also began to cultivate and shops began to run. Since it began to be fulfilled it from generation to generation. However, the market is certain is that it is married women to work. According to a report, in the years since to change the tradition of market pressures created many, but these women did not oppose them, and capture market.