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Worldwide there are several such girls, who want to look like that in real life Barbie doll. The girls follow the proper diet that involve surgery. In Moscow, capital of Russia is one such girl, whose name is Angelika Canova. Boyfriend can not …
Will surprise you, but do not want to look like Barbie herself Angelika to tell, but her parents are her doll-like sail. Moreover, the 26-year-old who dressed her, and her boyfriend, the parents decide not to make concessions. Please tell the past of Ukraine publicized on the Internet, the new Human Barbie Valeria Lukynova Angelika like being told. The new Human Barbie is forbidden to leave the house alone.
38 kg of the doll that looks like the girl claims that she never had cosmetic surgery. To maintain her figure is placed at the door of a Personal Trainer. It is interesting that the girl’s parents are reared from childhood like the doll. This girl also like Valeria model by profession, is still in control of their parents. To go on a date with some guy in front of him with her will stipulates that his mother too.