The image has become a part of the prison that the inmates have to be in poor condition. But in many such prisons, which is better known for its amenities. Today we are going to tell about some jails. Prostitutes available anywhere, so far as the five-star comfort …

Pondok Bamboo Prison, Indonesia
Pondok Bamboo Hakjcarta first photo in the women’s prison of prison inmates are kept only drug cases. It contains few prisons addiction clinic for drug addicts, which is also provided. Time to have the prisoners here are different facilities such as go to the salon or to Atand class. The purpose of prison inmates better improve.
Why Lgjriys built?
Indeed, the purpose behind creating this gel Lgjriys petty crime, to provide better comfort to prisoners serving a sentence, so that they can think of crime and after release from prison and a normal life away from crime to live.