Which sentence stones in the beautiful hills of Kodaikanal country is a beautiful hill station. Natural beauty of the intimate moments out to find a new freshness for Honeymooners or health benefits and the camper, is attracting all the natural beauty.
2133 meters above sea Kodaikanal settle. Located on the Palani hills in Tamil Nadu Pshcimgat city covers an area of ​​about 21 square kilometers. Due to the beautiful landscape of the south is called the Switzerland of India. The cold climate in the south to see not believe that the weather is so cold.
Avoid the scorching heat and the mild climate throughout the year who come to enjoy the influx of people-carrier. Kurunji flowers bloom once in 12 years to see the people come here from far and wide. This flower can be seen only in Kodaikanal. Pier Akashia around trees and the beauty of the manifold increase.
Where to stay
Beer consumption in Kodaikanal Road, Shola Road and the main markets are many hotels and lodges. Keeping your convenience and budget of these can accommodate anywhere.
how to go
The nearest railway station and airport Kodaikanal Madurai (120 kilometers). Chennai and Coimbatore, Madurai road, rail and air route is connected to. Madurai, Kodaikanal bus or taxi from three to four hours.
When to go
Kodaikanal is the season of the year it attracts tourists. The heavy rains in November-December. Also can be visited in any month.