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60 years ago a foreign airline company has released photos of the flight. These photos show, nearly 6 decades in the flight passenger in first class used to get so many amenities. However, the company has released most PHOTOS flight dining inside. As time grew, the smaller dinner plates …
Airlines Skandinvin anniversary of Norway on the occasion of its 70 Photos made public. According to the photos, the passenger during the lobster, caviar, as was the food Lgjriys. During the 60s and 50s called Golden Age of Flying. The flight was also meet people. A website to share these photos These photos show that is written as time progressed, the smaller dinner plates.
Comments on photos, the one person wrote on the social networking site to meet today at a time which will not irritate man after seeing these photos? And at the time there was not much risk of flight security, so the photos can be seen in the large knife.