Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan requested the government on Monday to refrain from blocking the Raiwand March. Speaking to journalists he said, “If the government arrests our workers I will personally approach police stations for their release.”

He stressed that the Prime Minister should come out clean against allegations over the Panama Leaks. “It has been six months and the Prime Minister has not given an answer. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron gave an answer in a few days.”

He lamented that fact that no institution was coming into action even though billions of rupees had been embezzled. “I invite the farmers, labourers and youth to take part in the march.”

Without naming the Prime Minister he said, “They are inaugurating the same projects thrice.”

He said that his opponents kept saying that there was tension at the border and the PTI is going for a march. “Basically they are just trying to distract people from the Panama Leaks,” he said.