Was not aware of the pregnancy, the pain suddenly woke up 30 minutes later gave birth to a girl

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Manchester. A mother of two, 23-year-old Lian Brennan sat on the couch in his home on the evening of April 17, 2016, was suddenly sharp pains in her stomach. He felt pain in pregnancy as Labor Pains. He was shocked and afraid were pregnant because they did not know that he would. After about half an hour the pain of the third child was born. The photos are viral. Brennan said …
Brennan said, “I still can not believe what happened have been. But the best surprise of my life it was. I do everything myself, because I am a single mother. After giving birth to daughter Nahla was I approached by a neighbor. He asked what I am by the sound of water, taking a bath? I said no, I just gave birth to a child. He called the ambulance and took us to the hospital. “

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