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Colorado also say jokingly that if his house is haunted so the front can become perturbed. But these days, a city in the US because of its corresponding USP is up for sale. The ads are Bkayda. Colorado is known as the Kebin Creek Haunted City. After the murder made the whole town haunted …
90 km away in the city of Denver in the ’70s was killed after an entire town was declared a ghost. After that it came to be known by the same name. The city is now up for sale. On a website of the US has also been advertised for sale. According to the advertisement, if you are interested in them and are not afraid of ghosts, so with $ 3.5 million to settle in the city can meet the desires.
US advertising on the website, many people have expressed interest in settling here. Many people came to see the place and there was also some people like the place. But for some reason it is currently stuck. Anyone who will buy it, it’s an old gas station, a cafe, two apartments and a private area of the shooting modes. As well as protective measures have been taken to guard against criminals. A dozen intelligence cameras are installed so that every activity of your sight.