Are you enticed by the idea of a NSA fling thing? Use this guide and these tips to get yourself a no strings attached relationship buddy in no time!

Many guys and girls love the idea of a no strings attached relationship.

All the fun with no hassles of being tied down?

The idea seems really exciting, because you get to have the cake and eat it too!

But is it all so rosy and fun?

Are no strings attached relationships for you?

Quite frankly, no strings attached relationships are a lot of fun, but it isn’t for everyone.

Not everyone can handle the delicacy of this fake relationship that feels like love but isn’t anything more than a few moments of lust and fun.For some, it starts off fun and turns into a one sided romance.

For others, it ends with insecurity and jealousy.

And for almost everyone else, it ends in awkward encounters where one or both partners try to avoid eye contact for the rest of their lives!

When are no strings attached relationships good for you?

If you’re a big believer in love and fairy tales, or if you like the whole idea of rescuing someone or being romantically rescued by someone, then these casual NSA relationships aren’t for you.

You may just end up falling in love with your casual sex buddy, even if they have no intention of dating you seriously.

You’ve had a bad breakup and just want to have some fun.You don’t have time for a committed relationship.You love your space, but you love sex too!You want to stay single and avoid commitments for a while.

There are so many cute and sexy things all around you that you just don’t want to be tied down to a single person.You’ve been in a long term relationship, and just want to explore a few fun opportunities before settling down again.

No strings attached relationships work only when your mind has the maturity to disassociate love from sex. But unfortunately, it’s not something most of us can do. As humans, we always end up emotionally attaching ourselves when we have frequent sex with the person.

Most importantly, don’t lie to yourself. Don’t try to convince yourself that you can enjoy sex with someone, get intimate and have personal conversations with them, and still stop yourself from falling in love with them.

11 things to keep in mind for successful no strings attached sex

If you’re interested in hooking up with someone for a no strings attached relationship, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

 Good friends. Don’t have no strings attached sex with a good friend of yours. If things do go downhill someday, you may jeopardize the relationship. As friends, both of you may talk and interact often. So you’re mixing emotional intimacy with sex, which is a perfect concoction for a romantic relationship. One of you may fall for the other person, and the arrangement could just confuse both of you!

Don’t get emotionally involved. Don’t have casual no strings attached sex with someone you’re in love with, or someone you have deep feelings for. It may just be your excuse to get closer to them *and hurt yourself eventually*.

 Protected sex. Always have protected sex with a no strings attached partner. There’s no way you can ever know just how many others this person is sleeping with at the same time.

 Be honest. Always be truthful and don’t try to sugarcoat your words and your feelings. If it’s not working out, it’s not. It’s alright to be selfish and walk out when you feel like it.

So now that you know how to make your intentions clear without making the whole deal appear like a sleazy proposition, here are 5 ways you can use to find yourself a perfect sex buddy and have a NSA relationship with them.

 Flirt with casual friends. You may have a few acquaintances or friends you know. They may be on friendly terms but they may not be friends you hang out with often. Call them up or start texting them occasionally over a few days. And once you start flirting with them, you can meet up a few times and see where it goes.

Get introduced to a sexy hottie you like. So you know a guy/girl who knows a guy/girl. And you’re interested in doing the naughty with your friend’s friend. Use your friend to get introduced to this person, flirt a few times and see if they reciprocate your interest. Just remember to take it slow and easy. Try too hard and too fast, and you may just creep this person out.

A hook up. This is the proverbial one night stand you meet at a party or someplace that leads to sex. So do you like someone you slept with, but aren’t interested in a relationship? You’ve slept with them already, so just make the proposition.

An ex coworker. Have you been hopping and skipping between jobs over the last few years? Then you’re bound to have met a few cuties from your old workplaces. Make a few calls, flirt a bit and meet up for a chat. And if your ex colleague likes your idea of a strictly sex relationship, well, that’s good news for everyone involved!