Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal here today failed to make a commitment to the Christian community regarding its demand for ticket allotment in the Assembly elections.Christian speakers lamented that the community was generally overlooked by political parties despite having a significant vote bank in the state. However, Kejriwal did not touch upon the issue during his speech.Addressing a gathering of the community, the Delhi Chief Minister accused the SAD-BJP government of blowing things out of proportion in the Malerkotla sacrilege case. “As this is the election year, the Badal government is going all out to defame me and my party. I have been told that the Sangrur police have been ordered by the state government to frame my MLAs in the case.” He added that since June 24, when the incident took place, the police had been blaming the VHP for the sacrilege, but now they had suddenly trained their guns at AAP.“Just a day before I was to start my three-day Punjab tour, the investigators started targeting my party colleagues. The Akalis have stooped so low that they will use, rather misuse, a scripture just to defame me,” Kejriwal claimed.

Chugh’s challenge

BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh has challenged Kejriwal to an open debate. “I have prepared a 16-point questionnaire. If Kejriwal is able to give a satisfactory reply to even one of the questions, I will tender my resignation,” he said.