Following the outrage over the disappearance of convict Sajjad Moghal in the Pallavi Purkayastha rape and murder case, the Maharashtra government today decided that rapists, kidnappers and dacoits will not be granted any parole in future.
Amending the jail manual in the state, the government has brought a new set of rules for prisons especially concerning parole and furlough.For the rape accused or convicts, there will not be any parole now. Prisoners whose appeals in conviction are pending in higher courts for which the bail has not been granted will also not get parole.
Apart from the rapists, those sentenced for dacoity, terror crimes, mutiny against state, kidnapping for ransom, human traffickers, and smugglers of narcotics will also not be granted any parole.
The convicts will get emergency parole only in case of the death or illness of immediate relatives, and marriage of their children or siblings.
The government has decided that regular parole will only be given to those whose average sentence does not exceed five years.Mughal, who in 2014 was sentenced to life for Purkayastha’s rape and murder, had left the jail in Nasik in March to visit his ailing mother, but never returned.
The 25-year-old lawyer was murdered in Mumbai by Mughal, who then worked as a guard in her building. When his attempt to rape her failed, Mughal stabbed her repeatedly before slitting her throat