Recently the smuggling of tigers Tiger Temple Thailand were closed. Here the tiger certainly did a lot of fun and photo capture. However, Buenos Aires, is one such place, whose name is Xu Lucjan. Inside the zoo lions fearlessly close to not just move people, but also their ride. But why do not attack the lion …
Xu, one of the world’s most dangerous people in the zoo lions to ride with them, feeding them and come to the photo Kinchane. However, the ride has to be a person of Rs 1,600. Zoo officials say not to attack the lion dreaded question, but in the zoo with them to stay calm and give good practice training.
Lions accused of intoxication
Zoo officials say, even if some, but animal activists do not consider these things. Animal activist filed a complaint against the government, which had said that these animals are drugged so that people can sit on it. However, the government has not taken any decision on it. But is seen as the next few days with these animals is not a photographed.