Lucky to be said in the case of traveling Americans, because 169 countries where they can travel without visas. But there are some countries where they can not enter without a visa. These advances are in need of a visa to visit here. These include countries of Eurasia with Asia. Where can not the US without a visa …
China visa for Americans to shell out Rs 8747. It tends to get a visa for 24 months. Visit at least 2 months must apply for a visa. Prossing must send the passport.
Russian visa rules are strict and Compiliked. Russia has to be prepared at the time of applying for the visa. The visa is granted for a certain time, which is not expandable. Week 2 is Velid for tourist visas. It also has to seek sponsorship for Visa. Visa fee is approximately Rs 9,500.
North Korea
Americans because of bad relations between the two countries for a visa to North Korea is not easy. Possible, if it can happen and it makes you a specialist travel agency trip to China would be the way to go. Two visa will mean.

Australia tourist visas cheaper and easier. Visas can be taken in 1345 to Rs. It has to apply in advance online. 12 months after the application is Velid.
The visa is granted before the US Department warning. But many Americans travel agencies to bring a tour.
India’s visa has to pay Rs 3500 approximately. This visa is for 10 years Velid.
Single Entry Visa starts from Rs 4700 and lasts for 1 year multiple entry visa. With this single entry visa on arrival at Vietnam the Americans out.
The country last year, has changed its visa policy. The US visa can now advance. Visa can be taken in 1345. It takes 10 days to process.
Nearly 11 thousand rupees tourist visa forms if you applied by mail or through the agency. If you or Self Employed
Proof of bank account balances with jobs, you must
Belarus, like Russia, are also strict rules for visas. Visas for official travel agency has done the job. When applying for a visa, you have to show as proof of medical insurance. The tourist visa to get Rs 9500 and Rs 7000 Tronsist visa.