Minister of State and Chairperson Benzir Income Support Program (BISP) Marvi Memon has said the change comes when and where work has been done and no change was observed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during last three years.

She was addressing Gold Medals distribution ceremony held at Khyber Medical Collage Peshawaron on Tuesday. She appreciated the services of doctors in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa hospitals, adding that they did tremendous job while providing health facilities during the war on terror and militancy in KP.

She stated that doctors worked in crisis and they must remain calm, focused and have a strong belief to win against all challenges. She said that the current Federal Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Army Chief are committed to eradicate terrorism and bring peace in the country.

In this scenario, the role of doctors is of paramount importance and the successful graduates have the responsibility to lead from the front.

During her address, Chairperson BISP also talked about the relevance of doctors’ job with that of BISP as both aim to reduce the pain of those who are in difficult situation in their lives.

She said that BISP is providing financial assistance to 5.3 million poorest of the poor and she expected the young doctors to volunteer themselves to serve the poor BISP beneficiaries. While talking about poverty and its remedies, Marvi Memon said that in 5 agencies of FATA, total eligible beneficiaries of BISP are 226,930, out of which 158,454 are active beneficiaries who are receiving payments while 68,476 are pending beneficiaries.

She said that in the rest of two agencies, survey in 2010-11 under last government could not be undertaken due to security situation.

She further said that the new poverty survey of BISP will cover the whole of FATA since the security situation has improved as a result of Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

The Minister also stated that the pilot phase of BISP’s new poverty survey started from Haripur in June 2016 where Desk Approach (Self-Registration) has been adopted. The pilot phase of resurvey includes 16 districts across the country. Desk Approach will be employed in 4 districts while in 12 districts, Door to Door Approach will be utilized, sh maintained.

12 districts of Door to Door survey in pilot phase include Mohmand Agency from FATA and Lakki Marwat and Charsadda from KP, she said, adding that national roll out of resurvey will be followed by the Pilot phase.

Principal KMC Professor Ijaz Hussain, during his welcome note, appreciated Marvi Memon for gracing the occasion and said that she always stood by the people of KP, whether there was a sorrowful incident or a cheerful event like this. Around 40 Gold Medals were distributed among the top position holder students of medical in different faculty of different medical collages students.

Talking to Daily Times Haji Anwar who is working as Watchman in State Bank Peshawar said that his three children did MBBS from Khyber Medical Collage and now his younger son Salman Khan get Gold Medal from KMC with top position.

“It was a great honor for me that my one daughter and two sons were doctors and I can’t explain my feelings of happiness being a father of talented doctors”, Anwar added.

Sana Khursheed who is student of KMC and received Gold Medal said that she can’t explain her feelings of joy and happiness, adding that her sole aim is to protect human lives and serve for the humanity being a doctor.