Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar, on Saturday said that Dalit Muslims and Christians should be included in Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes category. Kumar also advocated for increasing reservation beyond 50 percent in view of the population growth among SC/ST groups adding that the reservations for them must also be extending to the private sector as well.

“If population of SC is increasing the quota of reservation should also increased and if in Tamil Nadu the reservation can be 69 percent reservation combining SC, ST and OBC then why it can’t be implemented in entire country? There needs to be a strong willpower to implement it,” Ku mar was quoted by news agency ANI.

The Bihar chief minister was speaking at a function, where he was also honoured with K. Veeramani award.

On extending the reservation to private sector, Kumar said, “If in today’s scenario it is needed to upgrade the ceiling of 50 percent quota then it should be done by the bringing an amendment in the Constitution. And why only in the government sector, the reservation should also be there in private sector.

“Today is the age of liberalization and privatization and in every sector the private sector is having an upper hand so if in this situation if the SC,ST, OBC class is not given reservation in private sector it will be a cruel joke in the face of social justice.”