Nimrat donned a black bikini and took to her Instagram account to share her hot picture.
Nimrat Kaur seems to have created a completely different niche for herself in Bollywood. Proving her acting mettle with movies like
The Lunchbox and Airlift, she is busy shooting for M Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines spends her time exploring Canada. She said:
“I have been hiking in and around Vancouver. It’s such a beautiful place! I love the country and it’s been a really fun trip so far.
Everyday ,I’d just get out and try to explore a new place and meet new people. Here in Vancouver, I also took a six-day road trip from
Vancouver to California and it was a 3000 kilometre trip via Oregon,” she says.“Ever since I have been here, I have become a local. I
have made so many friends and now ,it feels like a home away from home. I feel like I belong here.” She added: “I’m terribly restless.
When I am not shooting, I have to go out and do something. I can’t stay inside.”

And her Instagram account proves that.