One of the African country of Uganda capital Kampala International photographer Micele Sibiloni based on the published photobook. The photobook is shown close to the night life of the city. He said that the nightlife that never stops, but often late night party begins. Upper class people take the drug …
Sibiloni living in Italy for 35 years and the last 4 years has been living in Kampala. Photographer photography in many countries have said they life their photos and try to keep the center. The photographer said he had nightwatchman, police, taxi drivers, from sex workers to be included in the photos is.
Kampala nightlife that linked to certain things …
– Local and foreign young people in particular appear Party
– Day where Uganda is known for conservative space, the night everything changes
– The large number of bars, and clubs Restraan
– Drinking is considered part of the local culture
– According to the statistics, Uganda is one of those countries in Africa where most alcohol is consumed
– Photographer, said the dance is quite sexual
– Drug use among the upper class