Logitech has announced GROUP for video conferencing. The solution is the successor of Logitech’s ConferenceCam CC3000e and suports up to 14- 20 people video conferencing, with the optional expansion microphones.Logitech GROUP comes with a combination of four omnidirectional microphones encased in a metal case. Users can converse within a 20-foot diameter around the base, or extend the range to 28-feet with optional expansion microphones. It can also be used with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone for audio calls.“Until now, people looking to collaborate over video were faced with a choice between installing high priced purpose-built systems or crowding around a laptop that’s placed at the end of a table. This resulted in a poor experience with coworkers packed together like sardines or falling out of the frame,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of the Logitech video collaboration group.Logitech GROUP brings full HD video to conference calls in 1080p. It offers wide 90-degree field of view. Logitech claims GROUP provides 10x lossless HD zoom. GROUP comes with certified software applications and integration with Logitech Collaboration Program members.GROUP works with any computing device with a USB connection. Logitech GROUP is expected to be available in India from May 15 at Rs1,19,995. The expansion microphones will be available for Rs 29,995. GROUP with two expansion microphones is priced at Rs1,39,995.