WOMEN seeking liberation, empowerment, and transformation will have unlimited access to it through the new online Television by Stronger VesselsNetwork which is set to provide succor the women.“The platform, which is called More Than a Woman, will particularly reach out to women from all walks of life, who are enduring a difficult phase or have been through a painful experience.

“ Speaking in Lagos at the launch of the platform, Dolamu Badejo, founder and host of the initiative, unveiled a transformational book titled: ‘The Journey To Your Personal Transformation: Your Own Workbook’ , said the platform would feature programmes including live broadcast interviews, talk shows, workshops, counseling and makeover sessions that would support women to contribute meaningfully to national development.“ According to her, the book takes people on an experiential journey toward becoming better by following simple steps, and more importantly working out their own ‘salvation’.“

“We believe strongly that women play a very crucial role in the development of any nation. Hence, we thrive on the philosophy that a woman empowered is by extension a community liberated. We would give you a voice, ease the burden, offer you the support and love that you need, and introduce you to a healthy and successful family of victors, she said““We would also encourage you through a transformation process and help you live the better version of yourself. No matter your present circumstance, we want for you to get the best out of life and live your truth. What we need is for many women to join and support our community and growing network.“ According to her, the platform will also treat real issues plaguing women of interest, release transformational documentaries, engage in mastermind trips and classes.“This is possible.

Our desire is that you join us today and set yourself quickly on your transformational journey to self. Unveiling a short film to echo the transformational story of a young woman, who was battling her biggest enemy; herself but eventually lost her mind, became lonely, encountered threatening health issues and attempted suicide, the organisation disclosed that the film would be accessible online to the general public at a later date to be announced on its social media platforms.

The foreword of the book was written by sensational musician, Eva Alordiah, who is also the author of eleven, while the afterward was written by founder and publisher of Africa Oil & Gas Report, Toyin Akinosho.