From automotive to domestic market

“LoW8 initially produced low-weight LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) bottles for containers in the automotive market,” says Jan-Jaap Koppert, CEO of LoW8. “However, a while ago, we decided to switch the LPG domestic market. Here, LPG bottles are largely used by people who use propane for cooking and heating. Thanks in part to our R&D center in Delft, we have managed to produce some of the best LPG bottles available, which make great use of the high-performance properties of Twaron to reduce weight. In this way, our cylinders are able to deliver many financial and ecological benefits.”

Superior cylinder technology

“Traditionally, LPG cylinders were made from steel or glass-fiber-reinforced plastics,” explains Jan-Jaap. “However, the steel cylinders are very heavy and can be dangerous in case of fire, while the current glass-fiber cylinders are sensitive to impact damage and have a limited life span. Our composite cylinders therefore clearly respond to a market necessity. They have a lower weight, making their transportation cheaper and more environmentally friendly. In addition, our cylinders do not dent, they have a much longer lifespan, and they have a ‘Soft Grip’ feature, which makes it easier for end users to handle the cylinder.”