Bored of chatting on WhatsApp with the same font? Well, seems Facebook-owned WhatsApp has finally realised that it’s high time that it offers users an option to change font. The developers have silently rolled out a new feature on the WhatsApp Android app which allows user to type in a new font, which is similar to Fixedsys in Windows. However, so far there is only option.Also, while the new font is a welcome move from WhatsApp, using it is difficult and can be even be tiresome. This is because users will have to put backquote symbol (`) three times before and after the text they want to change the font.Read also: 10 hot earphones available under Rs 1,000So, if you want to type “Hello” in the new font on WhatsApp then, you will have to type it like this- “`Hello““. The feature is also available on the iOS app. The font change cannot be accompanied with other formatting options like bold or italics.
WhatsApp will reportedly be soon rolling out some new features for iOS. Notably, these would include the ability to share and listen to music.The feature will enable iPhone and iPad users to share a song either from their device or from Apple Music. The recipient(s) will then see a small music player icon, along with the album art, and can tap on the icon to start listening to music. However, both sender and receiver will need to be paid subscribers of Apple Music to be able to listen to the songs from the app.