Let there be no further doubt that Prisma, the app that turns your photos into artistic masterpieces, is a hit. None other than famed author Neil Gaiman took to Instagram on Sunday to post a selfie using the app, and the result is almost as cool as a panel from one of his graphic novels.  “Started to shave beard off but got too sleepy so just turned it into a styled beard instead. But it dies soon,” wrote Gaiman on the Instagram post accompanying the image. Prisma has taken off in recent weeks as users have flocked to the app that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to mimic the painting and drawing styles of famous artists. The app was initially only available for iOS, but an Android version dropped just last week. Earlier this month, the founders of Prisma told Mashable that there will also be a video version of the app coming in the not too distant future. And they’re also dabbling with a 360-degree immersive version as well. No, human-produced art isn’t obsolete just yet, but when one of the masters of graphic novels starts using Prisma to express himself, it’s time to start wondering when someone will produce an Prisma-generated graphic novel that takes the app to the next level.