It has been months since the day she left you. Now that you’ve already moved on and found a new potential partner, make sure that it wouldn’t fail again.

But don’t change your Facebook status to “In a relationship” just yet. There are a few things you need to ask yourself first.

Clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Eppy Gochangco says: “Ask yourself what’s your goal for wanting to be in a relationship?” Is it because you have already fallen in love with this girl? Or are you just looking for a rebound?

It’s also important to re-evaluate your past relationship. “[Analyze] the things that your partner didn’t like about you as well as the things you didn’t like about her that created countless conflicts.”

He further explains: “Chances are, what your partner didn’t like about you has something to do with what you didn’t like about your partner. They aren’t the same but they are connected. For example, you didn’t like that your partner would ask you about the decisions you made in your office. Then your partner didn’t like it that when you answer her questions she felt like she was the most stupid person in the world.”