Labelling former colleague Navjot Singh Sidhu a “mirror image” of AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal, the BJP today maintained that the cricketer-turned-politician finally “exposed” his “burning ambition” of becoming the Chief Minister of Punjab.
BJP leader Sidharth Nath Singh rubbished speculations about any connection between the BJP and the Sidhu-led newbie. He, in turn, attacked Sidhu for his diatribe against the party that gave him “recognition” and “opportunities to serve the people”.
“He exposed himself when he said in his press conference today that Kejriwal wanted him to join AAP but without contesting the elections,” the BJP leader said.
“Sidhu is like Kejriwal in more than one ways. Kejriwal used Gandhian Anna Hazare as a ladder to fulfil his ambition of becoming the CM of Delhi and Sidhu used the BJP, which gave him reckoning and importance, to fulfil his political ambitions.
“If all he wanted to do was to serve the people of Punjab, he should have joined AAP. As he himself revealed, he met Kejriwal and rejected his offer of joining AAP without contesting the elections, it proves his ultimate aim was to become the Punjab CM and not serve its people,” he alleged.