Punjab has upgraded the security of the Namdhari sect head, Satguru Uday Singh, to ‘Z plus’ following the murder of the sect’s matriarch, Mata Chand Kaur, earlier this month. A decision in this regard was taken at a meeting of the Protection Review Group (PRG) last evening. Considering a possible succession war and the threat to the incumbent Satguru, it was decided that he be protected by 40 specially trained police personnel armed with submachine guns. The investigation into the murder of Mata Chand Kaur reportedly points to an insider. “Evidence suggests that the conspirator delegated the responsibility (to kill) to one of his trusted men, who in turn hired killers. We have placed certain suspects under surveillance and are hopeful of a breakthrough in the case,” said a senior official, adding that it was for this reason that Satguru’s security had been upgraded. “We are trying to rebuild the sequence of events and connect the links for a foolproof case against the suspect,” a source said, adding that there was definitely a link between the car bomb blast in Dugri village of Jalandahr in December last year and the murder of the Namdhari matriarch.    The Punjab Police are working on leads provided by a central agency.