Hey pretty ladies!! We are all fan of nail arts here at Beautifulhamesha, right? Every now and then one author or the other keeps coming up with designs for finger nails. Kiran has done some awesome tutorials on nail arts ,too for festive season. Since, karwa chauth and Diwali season is just around the corner, nail art is something that you can indulge in.

This time, I am here with some funky as well as elegant Nail Art Designs for Toes. All these designs are easy to create with a couple of attempts and some brightly coloured nail paints. Try to avoid glossy nail paints for these designs and stick to matte finish ones. So girls, have fun trying out these Nail Art Designs for Toes!!











I am a big fan of minions and I have watched both their movies. One really good thing about these cute and chubby looking funny creatures is that they are super duper easy to draw whether it us on a sheet of paper or your nails. Although, those with a practiced hand can easily draw them on fingernails, too.. I find it really easy to draw these on my big toe since there is a wider nail bed area. Keep your big toe as the accent nail here and paint the rest of the nails in deep blue shade with scattered yellow polka dots. For the big toe, here is what you need to do :








  • Paint your big toe in a bright yellow nail paint. Let it dry entirely. Next, use a dotter tool to place a big White dot in the centre of the nail. Let the dot dry completely. Next, grab a Black nail art pen and fill in rest of the details. Pretty easy!! Seal your effort with a clear coat.
  • Paint your nails in a dark shade of your choice. Let it dry out fully. Take a fine dipped nail art brush and starting from the outer corner of your nails paint streaks in multiple colors. Seal with clear nail polish after the colors dry.
    • Paint your nails in any light base color of your choice and let it dry. Next with the help of nail art tweezers, hold your Rhinestones upside down and apply some adhesive. Apply either a single Rhinestone or create a size gradient pattern as as shown in picture
    • .nail-art-10
    • After you are done with your nail color and it has dried. Create a floral pattern with five dots using your dotting tool for perfectly round shaped petals. With a smaller tool, create the other dots. Seal with a top coat after a few minutes.
    • Apply a White base color. Once, it is dry, use your nail-art brush to create Black stripes horizontally. After it has completely dried, you can either draw the heart in Pink or use any nail art sticker of your liking. The rest of the nails are pretty simple to do where, you can just paint the edge of your nails in Black. For a neat precision, you can use stencils that come with French manicure kits.