Many lakes in the world, such dangerous, which is about surprise. Such a dangerous lake in South Africa’s Limpopo Province Fundugi lake. It is said that the drinking or going to any human being alive. There are many legends about this among the locals. Python is security, single women danced …
According to local legend, in ancient times, passing through a leper Venda people who live here have refused food and shelter. These people, by the curse that he disappeared into the lake. Since then, the lake and the morning sounds of drums you hear the screams of people and animals. However, according to a legend, the lake dragon is a protected mountain, which delights every year to keep the Venda tribe still organize a dance festival. The single women danced. However, according to the Lake of the Venda tribe filler and paint their ancestors’ anger and tells about the upcoming rainy.
But what truth?
In ancient times the lake to stop flow of the river by a landslide was Mutali. Mutali water is very clean. What is it then that element, which is deadly? From time to time to learn it several attempts, no failed. Final attempt to learn the truth of the lake in 1946, was founded by Andy Levin. He reached the lake and the water went over there with the plants, but he had lost his way. This happened several times, so he threw the water and plants, then appeared to him the right way. However, one week later he died.
This way no accidents decreases with each try. Initially it been shrugged off as mere coincidence, but when the affair started appearing follows with each investigator, the investigator was alarmed and the lake began aversion to any kind of tampering. But most of the people behind it, explains a poisonous gas emissions. However, currently this is threatening the existence of the lake. Due to the secret gathering of tourists and a growing number of houses surrounding it have become troublesome.