Almost every person in the world believes. Those devils of the world, which is called Hell. But some people believe that the doors of the world are present in the world of Hell. Many people claim that they find the doors of Hell are for. Today we’re going to show you photos of some of them places, about whom it is claimed that the doors of Hell are open. There are many doors in the world …

Some people believe that after death a person is entitled to be in another world. But there are some people who believe that the earth has only a few doors open directly to hell. Naples of Italy in the cave is mentioned in a poem written 2,000 years ago. In 1932 Arkiolojist Amedo Mauri was first declared the Hellmouth. Yet has not dared to go inside the door. Regardless of whatever reality, none of the people around after hearing would not go in the door.
Purification have come here to die, souls

Voodoo Mythology ‘The Gates of Guinea about’ is said to have come after the death the souls purification. The US claim that people in the city of New Orleans near the French Quarter it is a door which is just across the dying souls can be.
This is the other side of the door to death

Pluto in the Turkish province Denijli gate has been discovered recently. While the excavation of the old temple Arkiolojist
He saw the gate. It claims that the door from the other side of the tunnel is a toxic gas leak. Greek Filosfr Strebo claim that whatever would try to cross the gate of his death is certain.
The cave is a sacrificial offering to the gods of death

Central America, Belize is a cave in which it is said that the second world doors open. Muknal Cave Aktun Tunisil the people say that the god of death. Recently, it was found the skeleton of a 18-year-old girl. Say that a thousand years ago, this girl killed you.
A pond, which protects the devil

Japan Beppu City Chinoike Jigoku named Hot Spring. Iron oxide in the pond because of the way its color is red. But the people responsible for this is attributed to demonic powers. It is said that the devil would protect the pond. The pond water is boiling at 78 degrees Selsiys. In the old days, prisoners were boiled alive in the pond.
The church has made to close the gates of Hell

Made In Ireland St. Patrick’s Church is claimed to be the bottom of Hell. The church is built on the little island of Ireland. That when Saint Patrick came to the island on the place where Jesus had sent them. Later this church here to close the gates of Hell was made.
King jumped into the well to save the city of Rome

Lacks a well in Italy the people Hellmouth Curtis says. According to the prevailing stories in this area, when the city of Rome, the king said he would jump into the well to save them with his horse jumped into the well. Right now, the gates of Hell are covered with sheets of cement.