Mark Watkins Australia near Perth, 36 years in the water, showing a very mysterious creature. Mark Fishermen by profession and were killing the fish with his father. At first they thought it is a hot air balloon or a boat. But as he saw the shark is eating it progressed. Who was to know these little creatures …
The Fisherman’s been quite confused and grew up around creatures to understand. The West Australian media reported that the man knows a way to get closer to the whale whose body is flower. Fisrmar said gas was due to the whale’s belly swell and he had started resembling mysterious creatures. Nearby, he found that the whale is dead and the stench was coming with him. Fishermen said earlier he had never seen whales in this state.
When showing the mysterious creatures in the Arabian Gulf
A few days ago, one such case was reported in the Arabian Gulf. While fishermen boarded the ship suddenly appeared a huge creature, which was dead. It was quite a stink. Fishermen tried to identify a closer look, but do not recognize this mysterious creature. However, some people aboard the ship were declared rare whales, some aliens were telling it. However, according to some, was the body of a dead animal, which appeared due to water bizarre.