I am utterly frustrated with my wife, who has a highly suspicious nature because of which I am under scrutiny 24 hours. She always thinks that I am staring at other women and keeps probing me about the same. She has such a pervert mind
that once she even commented on how her mother showers all her attention on me. She comments on everybody. To maintain peace in the house, I have even stopped talking to her sisters because she scrutinizes our conversations as well.
We have been married for more than 18 years and have a 16-year-old son. I have taken her to psychologists twice, but she is very reluctant to visit doctors and continue the medicines. She is a qualified chartered accountant yet showcases
such unbelievable behaviour. My family life and my personal life have gone haywire. Even watching reality shows on TV is banned in our house. Is there any treatment for this type of suspicious nature? Please suggest. – By Anonymous
Answer by Dr Era Dutta : From the brief history you have provided, it appears, your wife may be suffering from Delusional Disorder, particularly delusion of infidelity. A delusion is a belief or impression that a person maintains in their mind,
despite being provided with contradictory information by reality or rational argument.
Delusion of infidelity is famously called the Othello Syndrome, after the famous Shakespearean character. It is a type of delusional jealousy, marked by suspecting a faithful partner of infidelity. There are attempts to monitor and control the
partner’s activities. Persons with this disorder are able to function well in all other realms of daily lives.Even though you have taken your wife to a psychologist, it would be worthwhile to see a psychiatrist, who can offer a plethora of
options ranging from medicines, covert medication and long acting injectables. If she is proving to be dangerous to you or others, it is recommended to admit her for a short while so that treatment can be initiated. Regular counseling is
pivotal along with the medication. This suspiciousness can be treated if tackled with this multi pronged approach.
Every marriage has its testing times and right now, she needs you to make these decisions for her.